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W a n t. — an ongoing project begun in the depths of disillusionment and dead ends, inspired by the word itself and the tormented feelings it generated, a hollow term with no resolve. Wallowing in the disappointment of failure, the author meandered aimlessly through the cracks of social strata in search of definition... literally. “Lack, insufficiency, absence, inability,” the familiar definitions of want, words that he knew all too well. And then Karl Larsen set out to change all that.
Besides the instructions provided by the author on how to understand your desires, where they come from and what do with them, the book details his journey from a near-death experience to the moment he began piecing his life together to uncover the unlikely paths to his own success. Inspired by experiences both good and bad, he discovers he must overcome and accept his past in order to harness his own re-creation and become who and what he wants to be.
Larsen returned to his South Carolina roots in the fall of 2008 following a 4-year downward spiral in North Carolina. He found himself in back Columbia, a bustling Southern city on the verge of a renaissance. Full of energy and the unflinching desire to free himself from a life so far defined by disappointment, complacency and, often, despair, a series of life-changing events began. Since the release of his first project, W a n t., Larsen has dedicated most of his time and energy to serving his city through public art projects and community service, one of the many paths that opened to him.
W a n t. is currently in its seventh printing, with the eight pending. 2015 is a milestone for Larsen and his book. As of October 17, W a n t. will have been happily self-published for four years. Larsen believes strongly in self-publishing, treating his work as a project, not a product. Along with a hand-painted special edition, for the fourth anniversary release, Larsen's coveted all-black book was unveiled; an elusive, very rare completely black book. 

Today, W a n t., in its current edition, is available in paperback in tradition prints, hand-painted commissions and all-black print (limited). Although the author has shied away from major publishers and bookstores, his book has managed to find itself scattered across the country and as far away as Japan, Norway, United Kingdom and Kuwait. His artwork is available but by inquiry only.

"W a n t. by Karl L. Larsen is a full throttle ride into a young man's coming of age wrought by angst and rage. His writing is raw, but that's what makes it appealing. Larsen's ability to put life into perspective is uncanny considering that he's not even 30 years old. Clearly, he's just cutting his teeth with this first book, and I can't wait to see what comes next." - J. Miles

Karl Larsen is an inspiration and local hero. He doesn't merely talk - he walks. He walks the walk. This book will help you make the most of your dreams, whatever they may be. By contributing to Karl by purchasing his book you not only enrich yourself but you help empower a great force for good to do even more. Get what you W a n t. Get the book!" - A. Reed


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