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Karl L. Larsen

Karl L. Larsen is an artist and author based out of Columbia, South Carolina. Following the release of his keystone literary publication (W a n t., 2011), a steady array of visual art has followed. Aside from his book, Larsen is also largely known locally for the facilitation of multiple Before I Die Wall installations, including Columbia’s Main Street (2013) and West Columbia’s Riverwalk (2015). These giant interactive public art installations gave way to more abstract public projects. In 2016, as Columbia’s Famously Hot New Year marquee artist for the second consecutive year, Larsen unleashed madness on Main Street with ‘Channel-Surfing Couch Potatoes’. The abstract installation drew thousands, wowing revelers a contemporary twist to 2016’s strangest events while also paying homage to the artists, musicians, athletes and movie stars lost during the calendar year.

Aiming to offer an experience to those who view his art, Larsen draws most of his inspiration from graffiti and street art and the profound effect it can have on one stumbling into art unexpectedly. With the use of vibrant colors, inanimate object placement and often subliminal messages, he’s able to manipulate any public space for interpretive consumption. Following the success of ‘O D O M E T E R’, his 2017 collection of abstract landscapes inspired by his travels, Larsen excavates his own mind for a bazaar collection of his most recent abstract mixed media paintings entitled, ‘Untethered’ – currently in exhibition.

Karl is currently working as a studio artist in downtown Columbia. Past venues include the Richland County Library, Kershaw County Library, Gallery 80808, Frame of Mind, 701 Whaley, Columbia Development Corporation, Tapp’s and in 2016, the Riker Studio in New York City. His style varies but remains mostly abstract, ranging from visual art and fashion to publishing. By incorporating many elements of mixed media and a “no rules” approach, this form of unrestricted expression allows him to go about his work without any preconceived notion to guide his hand during the creative process.

Insta: @karl.l.larsen

Studio: Karl Larsen Art

1426 Hampton Street

Columbia, SC 29201