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Original Artwork Canvas Painting by Artists Stephen Chesley & Karl L. Larsen

Artists: Stephen Chesley & Karl L. Larsen (American)
Entitled: Remnant (s)
Year of Completion: 2018
Debut: June 9th, 2018
Dimensions: 75.5" x 115" (approximate)
Frame: Galvanized Steel (custom foldable wood framing)
Mediums: Mixed Media on Canvas
Location: Columbia, South Carolina, US
Type: Abstract Expressionism / Industrial / Recycled / Collaboration

Notes: Artwork is original, framing is original and artwork is signed by both artists. This work has never been auctioned or for sale prior to this listing. Due to the nature of its creation, this work has been exposed to dust and dirt from a demolition site. It is currently housed by the Columbia Development Corporation and is not currently in exhibition as of 11/22/18. This piece has an incredible history.


A Closing Exhibition by Stephen Chesley & Karl L. Larsen

Amidst the deconstructed site of Vista Studios, artists Stephen Chesley (1952) and Karl L. Larsen (1985) practiced patience and resourcefulness in their collaboration of Remnant(s); the title of a one-piece, one-night closing exhibition set in the halls of a once art oasis. Ongoing demolition of the 28-year-old studio/gallery offered inspiration to create—one last time. Remnants of paint, drywall, steel studs and miscellaneous debris served not only as supplies but a concise reminder of the importance of creativity and art in society—not as commodity, but as a necessity.'

Video: https://vimeo.com/274607405

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